Choosing a fence for your home can be both mind numbing and exciting. The important questions to answer are; what type of fence is best for your property and what look are you going for? Here are five types of fencing for you to consider:

Full Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are the most popular option for residential fences. They are the best way to keep your home and yard private, and can range from 6 feet tall on up, depending on your need. They are available in several materials including vinyl, pressure-treated and cedar. Privacy fences also come in a variety of decorative styles such as shadow-box, and can be used with wood or steel posts. If you wish to keep your backyard and home secluded, privacy fences may be your ticket.

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fences provide more design function than privacy. The most widely used type of material for this fencing is wrought iron or its counter-part aluminum. While it provides little in the way of privacy, it allows you a visual for a beautiful backdrop such as a golf course view, or greenbelt. Wrought iron is extremely sturdy and does not wear with the seasons. If you are going for the ‘white picket fence’ look, vinyl is your best bet. While it’s lifespan is not as lengthy as wrought iron, it is durable and weather resistant. If you want to go rustic, split rail fences can give you that ‘country’ feel.

Security Fences

Security fences have many functions: to protect your home, keep in pets or prevent unintended dips in a swimming pool. Many jurisdictions require safety fences around swimming pools, especially if small children live in the home. These fences are more function than design, however, they can be ornamental and blend in with the outdoor environments for a pleasing aesthetic. Swimming pool fences come in iron, aluminum, vinyl and chain link. One of the most important components of a safety fence is the gate and its ability to self-close or self-latch.


Railings are mainly used for steep stairs, or to add a decorative touch to porches and decks. They are especially important for tall decks to prevent accidental falls. Most deck railings are built of wood while porch railings mainly use aluminum. Deck railings should get the same yearly maintenance as your deck, such as weatherproofing and stain.

Fencing is an important aspect of a homeowner’s property and serves a variety of functions. With so many available choices, you should have little trouble finding a functional fence that is pleasing to the eye. Fortunately, a properly installed fence should withstand most weather and require little maintenance. If you need a new or replacement fence, contact a reputable fencing professional to discuss your options.

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