A. Deep ends are great for diving and jumping. What kid doesn’t love to jump in water? But there are considerations when adding a deep end to your pool. Here are some points to consider:

  • Can your yard accommodate a large pool? To have a diving well deep enough to allow for safe diving it needs to be at least 10 feet deep. For that to happen, you also need a transitional slope from the shallow end. This roughly puts your pool at: 1/3 diving well, 1/3 slope, and 1/3 shallow end. So basically, your yard will need to be big enough to house a pool that has a long enough slope and diving well to keep your divers from being injured.
  • Thinking of adding a diving board? Diving boards can add extra fun to a pool, but should be used with caution. Because of the possibility of injuries, insurance rates on your pool can go up. In addition, your local municipality may have its own safety codes or restrictions concerning diving boards. Fortunately, there are other possibilities for diving, such as diving rocks and ledges that may involve less risk.
  • Think long term. Adding a deep end to your pool does increase the price because more labor and materials are involved. However, if you want the diving well to keep your children happy as they get older, then you may get more bang for your buck. If you have smaller children, then having a larger shallow end may be best for you. This allows them a wider space for playing, and for water sports such as volleyball and basketball.
  • Can your yard accommodate a deep end? A solid, reputable pool company will check your water table level as well as any utility lines that lie beneath the surface. While most utility lines can be moved to allow for a pool, some utilities cannot. Make sure to check with your local utility companies before you plunk down the extra money for a diving well.

Having a deep end in your pool can be great fun. Teenagers and adults alike, love the feeling of diving into water and exercising their swimming skills. So, if a deep end is important to your family, then go for it. Don’t be afraid to add it to your pool design. Just don’t forget to consider the pros and cons a deep end will mean for your investment.