Outdoor fireplaces have become the new ‘must have’ outdoor accessory. After all, who doesn’t love warming up by a roaring fire, or roasting hotdogs the old-fashioned way. So how do you plan an outdoor fireplace so it matches up in both – safety and function? Consider these two important safety tips to get the most out of your new outdoor fireplace.

Choose your traffic flow wisely

When you build your outdoor fireplace, consider where it will make the most sense. You want to be part of the action, but not have soccer balls landing in your roaring fire. A good outdoor designer will help you choose where your fireplace should be angled, with maximum view and optimum value. A great fireplace should be the center piece of your outdoor living space, but not be so cumbersome that guests must take a detour around it.

Maintain a safe distance from your Outdoor Fireplace

Roasting marshmallows is great, roasting your home is not so great. Your outdoor fireplace needs to be constructed away from flammable items, such as dry trees or wood posts. Over time, heat from your fireplace can dry out wood which makes it a fire hazard. It’s also important that your fireplace vents safely away from your roof line. This is key in keeping firefighters from invading your barbecue.

Yes, you can still have a pergola

Pergola’s are stunning additions to your back patio, and do work well with an outdoor fireplace. As long as the chimney to your outdoor fireplace is venting up and away from your pergola, there is no safety hazard. In fact, incorporating a pergola into your overall patio design completes the overall look and further enhances the fireplace as your patio centerpiece.

Enjoying your fireplace is easy to do when you follow these safety guidelines. Outdoor fireplaces are meant to be enjoyed for many years, and with proper placement can be a safe feature for your outdoor fun.

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