Are you hearing strange noises in the night? It’s possible that mice are living in your walls.


So how do you tell if there is a mouse in the house??

Walls tend to amplify noises, so if you are hearing scratching or other noises coming from your walls, the good news is that your probably just have one or two mice and not hundreds. However, if you don’t address the little critters ASAP, then they could multiply – and fast. One mouse is bad enough, but a growing family of them is worse, since mice can produce large litters every month. Large mice populations can cause extensive damage to your home, in addition to unsanitary conditions for your family.

During colder months, our homes are warm nesting grounds for rodents. Voids in our walls are perfect places for them to cozy up and ride out the winter. So how do you tell if you have mice in your walls or if you are just hearing normal ‘house’ sounds.

Certain animals make certain noises, with mice being fairly easy to differentiate. Mice are known for making ‘scratching’, ‘scurrying’ and ‘gnawing’ noises, while squirrels tend to squeak and chatter. Believe it or not, our canine companions can also help determine if there are mice present. If Fido is agitated around certain areas or smelling along walls, this can mean mice exist within your home. Mouse droppings and foot or tail prints are a guarantee that you have a rodent problem.

It is also a fact that mice don’t remain in your walls. They wander other parts of the house looking for food, water and nesting materials. So, the uncomfortable fact is that if you have mice in your walls, you will most likely have them in your kitchen and other living areas.

While there are home remedies to tackle the problem, such as traps and repellent, they are usually inefficient for long-term or large population control. Also, with the breeding capabilities of mice, a licensed exterminator may be the only way to go. The longer the problem continues, the larger the mouse population gets. This involves more money, time and stress for you.