Have you always dreamed of owning your own swimming pool? Available financing options can easily make this a reality for many homeowners and also an added investment to their home. But the big question is: What season is best for installing your pool? Take a look at these pros and cons for each season to help you decide.


Beautiful spring weather brings a high demand for pool contractors. Prices are at a fairly steady peek during this time of year, reducing any savings you might have anticipated. And since this is typically the rainiest season of all, the installation process can be quite irregular. If your pool is delayed, then you may have to look at a big hole in the ground into early summer. A bummer for you and your family.


I would avoid summer pool installation like the plague. Prices are at their highest, and not only is your yard out of commission for any summertime play, but staring at your half-built pool while others are swimming in theirs can be discouraging. At this point, you might as well plan ahead, and contract for your pool to be built later in the year. It will save you money and headaches as well.


Usually in the fall, business is slowing down for pool companies and they will slowly start to lower their prices. Autumn weather is more agreeable than other seasons, leaving the ground soft enough for easy digging. It’s also a great time to spruce up your landscaping by planting flower bulbs and re-seeding damaged grass from the installation process.


As the winter chill creeps in, swimming pool prices dip to their lowest of the year. This can add up to considerable savings, however, winter weather can present a host of problems. Snow and ice keep the ground hard and difficult for digging, and can also disrupt the installation schedule causing your install time to increase. However, a November/December install gives you plenty of time to re-grow grass and other landscaping that was damaged in the process.

While there is no easy answer for the best season for pool installation, one thing is for certain; swimming pools are well worth the time and investment. Many childhood memories are created from splashing around with friends and family, and who doesn’t love a good game of water Marco Polo?

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