Winter blows in when we least expect it, which is why early fall is a great time to prepare your yard for colder temperatures. Grass, shrubs and perennials stand a much better chance of surviving chilly weather unscathed if homeowners manage a proper ‘clean and green’ schedule. Follow these simple steps for your fall yard prep this year.

Remove dead and dying plants. Annuals die out once temperatures fall below freezing so remove these plants from your flowerbeds. Don’t forget to cut back perennials as this will achieve a cleaner look and prevent insect nesting.

Nutrients from mulch is essential for your flowerbeds, so spread a high quality mulch for an important layer of insulation.

Protect sensitive shrubs, plants and trees from the harsh temperatures. Wrap them in porous covers such as burlap or store bought landscape coverings.

Rake your yard free of leaves and add a natural fertilizer to help your grass better resist cold weather. This will also help your lawn store carbohydrates and emerge rich and full in the spring.

Trim bushes and trees of dead or dying branches. This will save you a cold weather cleanup if branches break from the weight of ice or snow.

So get a head start on winter and treat your yard to a fall cleanup – you will reap beautiful benefits in the spring. After all, who doesn’t want to be the envy of the neighborhood with a thick green yard and a healthy, colorful flowerbed to boot?

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