Finding shade in the Oklahoma sun can be a challenge, especially when you like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Keeping cool while you grill or relax in your own backyard is an important factor in being able to enjoy your outdoors year-round. Fortunately, there are two stunning options for keeping you safe from damaging rays while also providing cool relief from the heat.


Traditionally, pergolas are the ‘go to’ shade source for homeowners. Beautiful and inexpensive, pergolas allow for simple shade while also allowing some sunlight to peek through. Usually made of rich cedar, pergolas can be created to cover small areas or entire patios. Because of their slatted structure they hold up well to high winds and heavy rains. A well-built pergola will be anchored into your existing concrete or stabilized with an underground concrete footing. For homeowners who like a little sunlight with their shade, pergolas are a great option!


For outdoor lovers who want complete shade, pavilions are your answer. Normally constructed of sturdy cedar, pavilions have complete roofs, carefully constructed of beams and sometimes fully covered in shingles to match your home. They are the perfect option to protect outdoor kitchens and furniture. Outdoor appliances have a much longer lifespan if they can be protected from intense heat and rain. A pavilion’s design can be simple or beautifully intricate with a cross-weave of exposed beams, beneath its roof. If you want full shade and protection, then a pavilion is your answer.

Mother nature can be quite intense, and protecting your outdoor fun from the elements is essential. To help you choose between a pavilion or pergola, keep track of how the sun’s rays hit your backyard at different times of day. This will allow you to maximize your shade when you need it the most. Planning the perfect pergola or pavilion can go a long way to enjoying your time outdoors. After all, the only way to ‘beat the heat’ is with a little shade!

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